The Comparison Between Vitamix and Ninja Blender When Making Green Smoothie

As we know that green smoothie has a lot of benefits to our body especially if we use a healthy organic ingredients and a good blender to produce it at your kitchen. The big concern here why we need to use a good blender is because the vegetables contains chlorophyll which can easily loss the nutrients when it be heated.

That is why we need a good blender to be able mixed all the green smoothies ingredients in the matter of seconds so there is no chance the heat from the blender motor go up and reach the vegetables in the container.

Recently there are 2 blenders that known as a good blender to make a green smoothie, there are Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen blenders.

Vitamix or Ninja Kitchen Blenders

There are different types of blenders from different manufacturers besides Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen but our main focus is on two types of blenders namely Vitamix and Ninja brands. These are two different blenders from different manufacturers and what we want to know is the difference between them and find out more about their performance, weaknesses and strengths.

Anyone who wants to have a green smoothie has a right to use the best blender out there depending on the quality they want. Not all blenders give good results in-terms of the texture and fineness of the smoothie. We are not trying to make a deep review these blenders but trying to make you know where the difference lies. If you are looking a deep reviews for the top blender in the market you may want to check this website there is a good article that do deep reviews between Vitamix vs Ninja that you can refer for more detail.

Meanwhile I will try to tell you what I know about both of them. Vitamix blenders have been around for many years now compared to Ninja. Even though many people use Vitamix or Blendtec products when it comes to blending, Ninja blenders have also won the contest to some extent.

Let’s start off by doing a simple comparison between these two types of blenders before proceeding to a more detailed look.


Vitamix Ninja
Can make 37,000 RPMs max Can make 24, 000 RPMs max
1300watts max Between 1000 watts and 1500watts
Comes with multiple containers Comes with multiple containers
More options when it comes to controls Comes with 3 pre-defined options making your work easier
Comes with 4 strong blades specifically designed to crush any frozen food or liquefy your produce Comes with 6 vertically arranged blades in a tower to give you a new experience in blending
7 year warranty 1 year warranty


When it comes to performance both blender types are powerful considering the fact that they operate at a very high horsepower. While Vitamix blenders operate at 1300watts max depending on the model used, Ninja types operate at 1000-1500watts maximum. They both have very powerful motors to help them crush your food and give nice smoothies.

Most Vitamix blenders can achieve 37000 RPMs which means they have a better speed compared to some blenders. Ninja blenders can make 24000 RPMs which is slightly lower than vitamix blenders. But let’s not say that that’s where the difference lies because there are very many features that vary between these two blender types. For instance most people say that vitamix blenders are quieter than Ninja blenders. That’s just that.

Regarding the result when making a green smoothie with vegetables that has high fibers like kale, I found a good video that may give you an idea how those two blenders’ performance.


All vitamix blenders are designed in such a way that they have four blades which are stainless steel and strong to cut through any vegetable or fruit to give you a nice smoothie. Two of these blades are actually used as hammer-mills and are blunt enough to crush your frozen food or any produce placed inside. The other two blades are used in cutting your produce into finer pieces and they are sharp to allow them cut through your food.

The Ninja blades are arranged vertically in a tower and they are normally six. These blades are very sharp to cut through your food and give good mixtures. This vertical arrangement of blades allows easy cleaning of your Ninja blender though you’ll have to be careful because these blades are usually very sharp.

All vitamix blenders are made in USA and they come with a whole 7-year warranty. Vitamix blenders have been around for a very long time now and they are one of the best selling blenders in the blending companies in the world.

Ninja blenders come with a 12-months warranty. These blenders are made in China. Though not so common as vitamix blenders, Ninja blenders are usually not as heavy as some vitamix blenders.

There is also a difference when it comes to durability of these two types of blenders. Vitamix blenders are durable compared to Ninja blenders due to the fact that Ninja blenders are usually made of plastic material which never lasts for long compared to vitamix. The base of Vitamix blenders is usually heavy which means that the motor is very powerful to give the best smoothies and last you longer.

Obviously there is a very big difference in the price of these two blenders. Vitamix blenders are more expensive compared to Ninja blenders which may be the reason why people prefer using it compared to Ninja. Maybe because cheap can be expensive a times.

The Bottom line…

Ninja products started selling in USA back in 2009 but vitamix blenders came earlier. This could be the reason why people are so used to Vitamix blender because they came first and many people say that they are durable and powerful to blend just any produce. By this all knowledge it is recommended that we use Vitamix blender to get the best green smoothie.

Green Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Living

This smoothie is appropriate in the centre of light and substantial. Almond milk frozen bananas create a beautiful velvety, creamy feel. Peanut butter and hemp seeds provide a huge boost of protein and healthful fats, not to mention additional endurance and a delicious nutty flavour. A handful or two of fresh spinach adds that green good does not stress, it is super light! Add a few soft pitted dates for some additional sweetness. Creamy, sweet and only a bit sour, this green smoothie recipe is an excellent way to kick start your morning routine all the while pressing in a large dose of fruits and veggies! Our recipe examiners have altered the greens with this recipe, so do not be scared to replace the spinach or kale if you’re attempting to rotate your greens. It includes only whole fruit, and indeed no juice or added refined sugar. You can have this as one big 32-ounce breakfast smoothie, or break up into two smaller 16-ounce smoothies.

This unique green smoothie is an old stand by now. I made my first interpretation of this smoothie way back in 2012 initially when I first went vegan and started eating healthier and more intuitively. I’ve adored it ever since! Add about a cup of fruit next for additional antioxidants, feel and flavor, because let us be honest, a green smoothie can end up tasting just like a blended salad. Greens on their own are excellent and do taste yummy, adding the fruit only sweetens it up, adds more essence and packs in more nutrients. Also, I find that 1/2 of a banana sweetens the whole beverage.

Keep your green smoothie to at least twice, rather triple, greens to fruit ratio to maintain the sugar content of your drink cheap and acceptable. Next into the blender: add a tbsp or two of a nut or seed superfood addin to for even more nutrients and a little good fat. Some of the nutrients in plants, especially vitamins A, K, E and D are fat soluble, meaning they should be accompanied by some fat to be absorbed correctly. Another motive fat free salad dressing is the demon, but that is another post for another day. Each of those things are full of great omega 3 fats, protein and lots of other nutrients also. Rapid note, this should be a tbsp or two, so about 6-8 nuts.

If you have a need for just a little sweetness to allow it to be palatable, try adding a tablespoon of all-natural raw honey (keep it raw to keep the enzymes and nutrients in tact) or a couple of all-natural (pitted) dates. Just be aware of how much sugar you are adding. 6-10 drops of liquid stevia may also sweeten it up a bit without adding any additional sugar. Also feel free to combine in any more veggies if you are considering daring and the spirit moves you . Mix for about 30 seconds at a time until the desired texture is reached. Always be cautious to not let the rate of the blender heat the smoothie-heat kills the enzymes and some of the nutrients plus warm smoothies seldom taste great.

Frozen fruit or a couple ice cubes go quite a distance to making your smoothie a delicious treat. Your green beverage might turn up purple or any other wild colour from the other ingredients. It does not really have to be the colour green to be a green beverage. Then simply rinse it and let it air dry for simple/fast clean-up. For inquiring minds, I ‘ve both a Vitamix blender and a Nutribullet blender. Both are fantastic, the Vitamix is larger and has more electricity better for big mountains and frozen items and the Nutribullet is great for smaller smoothies and you’ll be able to drink right out of the cup you mingle in. Any blender is fine, and I propose investing in a high speed, great quality one that had a guarantee, is simple to clean, and has an excellent number of electricity to combine your smoothies.

How to Make a Green Smoothie for Beginners

If you discover tons of foam after your mix, it is usually coming from the kind of fruit or leafy greens you combine to your green smoothies. The reason behind this is insoluble fiber that is normally discovered in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Your green smoothie will split too. We identified the most popular perpetrators of froth causing fruits with high amounts of insoluble fiber are apples. In our encounter reddish, granny smith & pink lady apples appear to generate more bubbles than Fuji and green apples, tomatoes including all leafy greens. Even if it sits for awhile in the refrigerator or counter, it Won’t split. Mango is a favorite fruit with tons of soluble fiber, and when water is added, it becomes thick and gels like. Other great choices include bananas, passion fruit, avocado, apricots, kiwi, peaches, and pears. Operate your blender on low speed for 10-20 seconds after you are done mixing. This is an wonderful recommendation, particularly if you Dislike the foam OR you need to save time by making Frozen Smoothie Packages!

Prevent it! These choices will give your smoothie a creamy feel, and it will not split. Add little healthful fats ahead of blending, including coconut oil, flax oil, or antioxidant oil Get a High Powered Blender similar a Blendtec or Vitamix they appear to get less foam than standard blenders. Last year my mother got me a Blendtec. It arrived with one caveat, though. I ‘d to use it everyday for 30 days or more she’d get it back! She and my father had purchased a Blendtec for themselves and had been making green smoothies for several months before this and were excited about the manner they were feeling. They needed all of their kids to join in the green smoothie insanity! At the time, I must confess I wasn’t actually into smoothies. I believe my hold up was that the bulk of my encounters with smoothies were from areas like Jamba Juice.

Should you be only beginning making green smoothies, do not worry about raising your percentage of fruit to greens continuously you get castoff to the flavor. Spinach and Swiss Chard are the lightest tasting greens. Infant Kale is more moderate than mature kale. Dark berries hide the green color if your children have an issue with it at firstWhen I was in high school, lots of my friends worked there and were actually into smoothies. I felt like they were packed full of calories and sugar, and so I’d take several nips and then be done with that. What I did not understand is that smoothies are extremely healthy for you when you customize them and make them at home. It’s excellent means to get lots of nourishment in one sitting. I am always surprised at how many more fruits and vegetables we eat when we’re drinking smoothies often. I determined to take the challenge and used my Blendtec every day for 30 days! Nowadays there’s virtually not a day that goes by that I do not use it. There’s a counter on the front that lets you know how many combinations you’ve got.

Add 2-3 big smattering about 2-3 cups of leafy greens to the blender. Spinach has a light flavor so start there if you are a newbie. I frequently wind up using what was a good price at the shop that week and what I’ve left in the fridge. Cucumbers are also an excellent green add-on to your smoothie for both their high nutrition content and high water content (the green rind is exceptional for you, but skin it if it is not all-natural. With this template you’ll be able to make just about any variety of smoothie your heart can picture and your taste buds can manage. When you follow this model, it’s going to make enough to feed about four individuals determined by how big or small the individuals are. My girls generally will drink about 4-6 oz each and my husband, and I am going to drink about 10-16 oz each.

Out of the 365 days who I have had the Blendtec, I’ve used it nearly everyday! The best part about a smoothie is they are extremely tough to mess up. With that said, additionally it is fine to use a recipe so that you understand it’s going to turn out tasty. We’ve made A LOT of smoothies of every variety. Actually, Amy has made so many smoothies that she even wrote a novel about it. 201 Smoothies and Juices for Children. That’s lots of smoothies. I determined that instead of only giving out some excellent recipes which I ‘ll do that additionally I’d give out a template so you could consistently make your own great smoothie with whatever you’ve got on hand! What’s that old expression? We need you in order to drink smoothies for an eternity! This is our template that’s operated for us again and again.

Things to Prepare Before Making a Green Smoothie

In regards to making a smoothie most person share the same approach chuck whatever there’s in the refrigerator in the bender. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy, besides the odd smoothie that tastes like the gray-brownish colour it turned out. This is crucial for preventing balls in your smoothie! You may need to combine your leafy greens and liquid base first when using a regular blender. Do not feel obligated to stick to one liquid; you can interchange or join coconut water, juice, and your favourite milk substitute for a new, tasty flavor every day of the week! If you’ve prepared a high-powered blender similar a Blendtec or Vitamix, you Won’t have to mix liquids and greens first. When you make a green smoothie, ensure that you add the fruit before the greens. If you add greens before the fruit, they’ll usually bottleneck at the center of your blender jar and can not reach the blades. By having the fruit first, this will lead to a more strong vortex since the fruit puree will extract the greens towards the razors. There are of course hundreds of recipes you’ll be able to hunt for to make an ideal smoothie, but that can take some of the enjoyment out of it. Rather, here is a guide to making an excellent smoothie which fits with your ‘throw whatever from the refrigerator’ approach.

If you’ve prepared a high-powered blender similar a Blendtec or Vitamix, you Won’t have to mix liquids and greens first. When you make a green smoothie, ensure that you add the fruit before the greens. If you add greens before the fruit, they’ll usually bottleneck at the center of your blender jar and can not reach the blades. By having the fruit first, this will lead to a more strong vortex since the fruit puree will extract the greens towards the razors. There are of course hundreds of recipes you’ll be able to hunt for to make an ideal smoothie, but that can take some of the enjoyment out of it. Rather, here is a guide to making an excellent smoothie which fits with your ‘throw whatever from the refrigerator’ approach.

The less strong your blender is, the finer you’ll have to chop your fixings a MINIMUM of 1-inch bits, rather smaller if your blender is approximately 300 watts. Occasionally you reach for your Vitamix blender and find the fruits and vegetables in your fridge do not quite fit the fixings of the green smoothie recipe that you’d in mind. We have created a mix and provide a guide to allow you to combine the fruits and vegetables you’ve got on hand and create your custom green smoothie.

Leafy greens supply high nutritional value to your green smoothie; they are LOADED with phytonutrients, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and the list continues. But leafy greens also include small quantities of alkaloids, so it is vital that you learn the best way to rotate your greens to prevent alkaloid accumulation. A balanced alkaline diet can help you maintain optimum well-being. Continually add the liquid first! Filtered water, coconut water, and milk substitutes including almond, coconut or soy milk are the top options Blender Babe’s advocates, followed by juice or regular milk. It is because most fruit juices are full of unhealthy sugars and add unneeded calories to your smoothie. With the addition of liquids first, your blender can better create a vortex that’ll yank fruit and leafy greens within the razors and more readily combine your smoothie ingredients. Make use of the legume button if there’s one before beginning to mix. The fruit features additional chops/breaks up the fixings that will help get things going. It may additionally lead to dislodge pieces of fruit which could get put in the blades.

Using different blending rates more readily combines the fruit and greens in a green smoothie. Many folks begin by blending on great looks reasonable to us also. Alternately, try this. After pulsing, start mixing on low, then grow to high after 20 to 30 seconds. If you still discover you need to shove fixings down or about, ensure that you quit the machine first and then again begin from little too high. Adding additional liquid is, also, recommended if your blender is still having difficulty with your green smoothie. Also, remember the kind of greens you’re using. Spinach is softer than Kale, for instance, that’ll undoubtedly want to have the tough stalk chopped out of it, and later the leaves chopped toward bite-size bits before blending. Additionally, remember to rotate your greens to prevent hazardous build-up for healthy smoothie recipes.

Remember the typical blender is around 300 watts, prices between $30-$50, and more often than not burn out pretty fast. The next upward is around 700 watts, is more strong, but you still must chop & dice sturdy foods and greens up microscopic. These blenders cost anywhere from $85–$150 and have a one year guarantee. Mature fruit gives green smoothies an ideal amount of sweetness, but other natural sweeteners can be added if the flavor is too bitter. You may also compose a couple of deep freezer packs when your fruit it totally matures to ensure you are mixing with the sweetest fruits potential, and they are an excellent time-saver for those who’ve limited time in the mornings. Do not be scared to get elaborate with your fixings! We adore adding at least one superfood to foster our daily nutritional consumption.